Friday, June 30, 2017

PERA SWIPE | Get Free Load and Gift Certificates

Do you remember Dora the Explorer's SWIPER NO SWIPING line on her show? What if I tell you to swipe.... swipe.... swipe..... because you can earn just by swiping? There is an app which was recently launched. It is called PERA SWIPE which gives smartphone owners the opportunity to earn points by giving the lock screen another use and purpose. Unlike swiper, this mobile app will not take anything from you instead give something to you! Isn't it awesome?

PERA SWIPE for Android is now available on Google Play Store! The mobile app’s grand opening on June 1, 2017 has brought excitement to users and curious netizens alike. As it gains more popularity, the app has made its PERA PALS rich by offering mobile gift certificates, prizes, points, bonuses and mobile load.

Do you want to start earning by swiping? Here's how to start:

Click SIGN UP and follow the instructions!
The app will need your information then......
Use my code: spreadlove upon signing up to earn 500 points instantly!
Now, you can start earning in just a swipe! How?

Swiping right just allows us to unlock our phone, meanwhile, swiping left brings you to a landing page; either website or social media. Users can earn points in through:

First, by swiping left or right.

And second, you can win exciting prizes from Gift Certificates to smartphones and even flight tickets by liking PERA SWIPE's Facebook account! Yes, you read that right! ;)

What are you waiting for, friends? Install PERA SWIPE from Play Store now! ( Again, do not forget to use my code spreadlove upon signing up to earn 500 points instantly! 

Let's all swipe and earn!
Let me know if you have tried the app already!

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