Thursday, July 27, 2017

3 Things I Love About PERA SWIPE

Last time, I blogged about PERA SWIPE.  For those who do not know, PERA SWIPE is a lock screen rewards app created by Mobino Inc which aims to bring added value to content and promotions by rewarding users with points that can be redeemed for prepaid mobile load, Sodexo Mobile Pass and other prizes (more prizes in the future). Postpaid subscribers are very much welcome to use the app since the load prizes can be sent to others as a gift or they can save up points for Sodexo Mobile Passes.

In less than a month of using this app, I may say that the app has improved and here are 3 things I love about PERA SWIPE and these are also the reasons why you need to download PERA SWIPE v. 2.1 now:

1. It is easier for me to increase points by swiping!
Either you swipe left or swipe right, PERA SWIPE set its minimum points earned into 3 from 1. When I first downloaded and used PERA SWIPE, it was a bit slow to increase your points because there were only a few times where users can get 3 points. Now, every time I unlock my screen, I gain 3 points!
2. I can get up to 300 points per day through incentives like Unlock 100, Unlock 50, Swipe 100, and 20 for 20 feature.
Also, users can get as much as 200 reward points from PERA SWIPE's one-time SHARE EVENTS! PERA SWIPE keeps on creating "events" to give users chances to increase their points.

3.  I get FREE load and FREE Sodexo passes!
I may only have a smartphone and PERA SWIPE but imagine this... Just by unlocking my phone (which I normally do), I am earning points that may be converted to load and gift certificates or Sodexo passes! No sweat!

Overall, the app is okay! It may have bugs at times but I still receive my points. If you want to know more about PERA SWIPE, read my first blog about it here.

What do you think of the app? You might want to give PERA SWIPE a try! Do install PERA SWIPE from Play Store now, friends! ( Do not forget to use my code spreadlove upon signing up to earn 500 points instantly! 

Let's all swipe and earn together!

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